Here is a list of past shows and the year performed. If you click on the plus sign, you can review some additional details about the production.

2018CinderellaDates: 3/16 - 3/25
Cast Size: 85
Producers: Sam Gould, Dawn Gomez
Director: Alison Walters-Short
Music Director: Joshua Wright
Choreographer: Jane Allard
2017SeussicalDates: 2/3 - 2/12
Cast size: 99
Producers: Sam Gould, Dawn Gomez, Jill Blumenthal Shaya
Director: Brian Kelly
Music Director: Justin Knowlton
Choreographer: Olivia Moriarty
2016Peter PanDates: 4/1 - 4/10
Cast Size: 91
Producers: Sam Gould, Beth Petr (ass't), Abigail Kilcommins (ass't)
Directors: Stephanie Steinbach Henry, Alison Walters-Short (ass't)
Music Director: Jonathan Eldridge
Choreographer: Olivia Moriarty
2015Shrek the MusicalDates: 3/20 - 3/29
Cast Size: 87
Producers: Sam Gould, Brian Herdeg, David Cass (specials)
Directors: Alison Walters-Short, Laurie Penney (ass't)
Music Director: Susan Minor
Choreographer: Gina Herdeg
2014WorkingDates: 3/28 - 4/6
Cast Size: 90
Producers: Dawn Gomez, Jill Shaya
Director: Teri Shea
Music Director: Anthony Healy
Choreographer: Teri Shea
2013AnnieDates: 1/11 - 1/20
Cast Size: 90
Producers: Dawn Gomez, Jill Shaya
Director: Teri Shea
Music Director: Jonathan Eldridge
Choreographer: Teri Shea
2012Fiddler on the RoofDates: 3/23 - 4/1
Cast Size: 121
Producers: Dawn Gomez, Jill Shaya
Director: Teri Shea
Music Director: Jonathan Eldridge
Choreographer: Teri Shea
2011Once on this IslandDates: 4/1 - 4/10
Cast Size: 99
Producers: Dawn Gomez, Jill Shaya
Director: Maura Kate Moore
Music Director: Gina Naggar
Choreographer: Maura Kate Moore
2010Children of EdenDates: 1/15 - 1/24
Cast Size: 62
Producers: David Cass, Kristen VS-Sandock
Director: Alison Walters Luperchio
Music Director: Jonathan Eldridge
Choreographer: Maura Kate Moore
2009Pied PiperDates: 5/1 - 5/10
Cast Size: 79
Producers: Sam Gould, David Cass
Directors: Rene Lewis Pfister, Alison W. L. (ass't)
Music Director: Rene Lewis Pfister
Choreographer: Maura Kate Moore
2008Tom SawyerDates: 4/4 - 4/13
Cast Size: 88
Producers: Alison Takacs, Barbara Estabrook (ass't)
Directors: Mary Spinoza-Wilson, Mary O'Loughlin
Music Director: same
Choreographer: Elaina Kourepenos
2007big, The MusicalDates: 3/23 - 4/1
Cast Size: 100
Producers: Donna Rizza, David Cass, Heather Wilson
Directors: Perry Allison (Prologue Debby Hess)
Music Directors: Jennifer Moss, Larry Williams
Choreographer: Matthew Kossack
2006The WizDates: 3/23 - 4/9
Cast Size: 89
Producers: Barbara Estabrook, Alsion W. Luperchio
Director: Sam Gould
Music Director: Rene Lewis Pfister
Choreographer: Stephanie Henry
2005Joseph...Technicolor DreamcoatDates: 4/1-4/10
Cast Size: 99
Producers: Mary O'Loughlin, Denise Bond
Director: Mary Spinosa-Wilson
Music Director: Mary Spinosa-Wilson
Choreographers: Molly Maher/Ann Braden
2004The King and IDates: 1/30-2/8
Cast Size: 89
Producers: Barbara Estabrook, Pam D'Ambrosio
Director: Mary O'Loughlin
Music Director: Mary S-Wilson
Choreographer: Emily Chapman
2003Annie Get Your GunDates: 3/14-3/23
Cast Size: 81
Producers: David Cass, Sam Gould, Mary O'Loughlin
Director: Baloo Patel
Music Director: Margot Law
Choreographer: Bev Robbins-Gordon
2002JH Auditorium reconstructionNo Show
2001Beauty and the BeastDates: 3/23-4/1
Cast Size: 72
Producer: Nancy Pithis
Director: Bob Jodka
Music Director: Edie Tompkins
Choreographer: Bethany Burum
2000CinderellaDates: 3/31-4/9
Cast Size: 116
Producer: Nancy Pithis
Directors: Jeff Christo, Brian Schimpf (ass't)
Music Director: George Riner
Choreographer: Shahn Knights
1999Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.Dates: 3/19-3/28
Cast Size: 70
Producers: Gail Dow, Barbara Ascani
Directors: Tom Wachtell, Jeff Christo (ass't)
Music Director: Susie Allen
Choreographer: Jenn M. Webb
1998Robin Hood the MusicalDates: Late March
Cast Size: 75
Producers: David Cass, Mary O'Loughlin
Directors: George Riner, Ellen Neelands
Music Director: Belinda Burum
Choreographer: Shahn Knights
1997The Music ManDates: 3/14-3/23
Cast Size: 135
Producers: Mary O'Loughlin, Lauren Bigelow (ass't)
Directors: Margot Law, George Riner (ass't)
Music Director: Doris Goldman
Choreographer: Robyn Rhodes
1996H.M.S. PinaforeDates: 3/22-3/31
Cast Size: 130
Producers: Gail Dow, Chris Shields (ass't)
Director: Tom Wachtell
Music Director: Susie Allen
Choreographer: Robyn Rhodes
1995The Magic FluteDates: 3/25-4/2
Cast Size: 84
Producers: Jean Brigham, Linda Hartwell
Director: George Riner
Music Director: Helen Payette
Choreographer: Chris Marengo
1994Sleeping BeautyDates: 3/19-3/27
Producers: Jean Brigham, Annelyse Roach
Directors: Bev Robbins-Gordon, G. Riner (ass't)
Music Director: None (taped)
Choreographer: Bev Robbins-Gordon
1993Peter PanDates: 3/26-4/4
Cast Size: 92
Producers: Gail Dow, Vicki Graw (ass't)
Directors: Linda Potter, Tom Wachtell (ass't)
Music Director: Jeanie Furlan
Choreographer: Marlene Wachtell
1992Once Upon a MattressDates: 4/4-4/12
Producers: Laurie Archambault, Gail Dow
Directors: Margot Law, Richard Carter
Music Director: Jeanie Furlan
Choreographer: Elaine Sisler
1991Alice in WonderlandDates: 3/16-3/24
Producers: Micki Williams, Laurie Archambault (ass't)
Director: Karen Meyn
Music Director: Jeanie Furlan
Choreographer: Robyn Rhodes
1990Aladdin and the Magic LampCast Size: 83
Producer: Pat Wood
Directors: Linda Potter, (R. Carter, C. Wright)
Music Director: Linda Potter
Choreographers: Sherry Barnes, Marlene Wachtell
1989Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryCast Size: 70
Producer: Kathy Barry
Directors: Tom Ryder (Pre-show Linda Potter)
Choreographer: Sherry Barnes
1988The Emperor's New ClothesDates: 3/19-3/27
Producers: Bob & Donna Jaques
Directors: Linda Potter, Gail Ryder (ass't)
Music Director: Linda Potter
Choreographer: Jane Isaacs
1987Wizard of OzDates: 3/28-4/5
Cast Size: 50
Producer: Mike Guzzo
Director: Tom Ryder
1986Charlotte's WebDates: 3/15-3/23
Cast Size: 52
Producer: Penny Pitts (Double Cast)
Director: Jim Pitts
Music Director: Karen Meyn
1985The Owl and the PussycatDates: 3/23-3/31
Cast Size: 29
Director: Penny Pitts
Music Director: Linda Potter
1984StorytellersCast Size: 30
1983PinocchioDirector: Jim Pitts
1982Flibberty and the PenguinDates: 3/20-3/28
Cast Size: 34
Director: Penny Pitts
1981Wizard of OzDirector: Penny Pitts